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 My classes embody the idea of “Shree” which can be defined as lightheartedness, joy, prosperity and good fortune. The etymology of Sri from Wikipedia says that “Sri has the root meaning of radiance, or diffusing light, much like the English word illuminate.” Shree is also another name for the Goddess Laksmi who waits for Visnu to come and help her create the material world. So, when you come to one of my classes, I trust that you will feel some of this wonderful flowing energy. When you walk into the room, you may not see a traditional yoga class environment since most of my students will be chatting, laughing, and sharing stories of their families, workplaces, struggles, and victories.  improve your breathing and outlook on life. 

Yoga for You

 I always have a class plan but will shape my classes around the needs of the students at the time of class. So, if you’d like to focus on your hips, all you have to do is tell me and we’ll integrate hips into the plan if they aren’t already there. Throughout the class, I usually cover all five types of poses; forward folds, backbends, balance, inversions, and twists so that you get a well rounded practice. We do restoratives as needed or when the class just needs to chill and relax! Class will always end in savasana, our most important pose! It gives the body a chance to digest what it has learned while the breath and the mind are quiet. 

Celebrate Diversity

 The yoga I teach is a combination of all that I have learned from my wonderful teachers and continue to learn. In a sense, it reflects how I was raised since my family never conformed to any one specific religion or philosophy. We went to all different types of spiritual centers from Christian churches to synagogues to ashrams. I remember one Easter we celebrated Passover with our Jewish neighbors in the evening and then got up the next morning to attend the Christian Sunrise Service at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. As a yoga teacher, I carry my celebration of diversity into my classes by offering ideas from many different paths of yoga and philosophy. After all, what works for one person may not work that well for another. We are all so unique and I believe that it is my responsibility as a teacher to honor that uniqueness!  


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